The Portal - Into the Light

“The perfect book for children”

An oval sphere of light opened up, the light was still red, but the humming sound had stopped. Bucky turned around and looked at Leo, barked again at the light and walked closer towards it. As soon as he touched it, it turned green, and to Leo’s surprise Bucky was gone. 

Leo rubbed his eyes, staring at the light. It had changed back to red but it was still there. Bucky was nowhere to be seen. “What had just happened?” Leo thought to himself even more scared than before, but also overwhelmed with curiosity. 

In "Into the Light" nine year old Leo and his bernese mountain dog Bucky embark on the adventure of their lifetime when Leo accidently opens a Portal that leads him and his friend into a very different universe. 

Suddenly alone, Leo and Bucky are stuck in the middle of an ancient struggle. They have to fight droids and rock monsters, find a way back home and most importantly, help save the universe. 

"Into the Light" is Luke's debut novel from 2012.


The Portal - Cave Planet

“A reader goes on a mind adventure thanks to the creative writing, great story line, and the excellent crafting of the characters.” 

In this new adventure in the Portal series, Leo and his Bernese mountain dog, Bucky, are back.

Together they must save their friends with the help of Leo's Dad and bring peace to the universe. 

Leo's friends are still trapped on a faraway Planet waiting for Leo and Bucky to return while back on earth Leo must trick his mother and best friend into believing that nothing has changed, and convince his father that all of this crazy alien stuff is real! 

Will Leo be able to bring back help to the Cave Planet? Will his Dad believe him? Can Leo and Bucky save their new found friends from the droids that rule the Cave Planet? 

This exciting new book is the second in the Portal series, written by Luke Meier. 


The Portal - The final Battle

The long-awaited conclusion to The Portal series is coming soon. 

You can check Luke's blog for progress on the final part of The Portal trilogy.