Great Fantasy Story for Big Kids

(this review of Luke Meier’s “The Portal” is from

“Into the Light” is the first published work by seven year old Luke Meier.

Apart from a clever story line, which mixes elements of Alice in Wonderland (talking dogs) and Dr. Who (a portal to another world) and which pulls you along at a steady pace, the most amazing thing about this book is the well constructed sentences, the descriptive language and believable dialogue. Not bad for a seven year old!

The book also contains come nice illustrations, but it is a shame that these appear on top of the actual writing, blocking the view of the text. This is easily fixed, and should have been spotted before publication. (Not sure if this is because I am using Kindle for PC?!)

However, overall a well written book by someone who was just seven at the time of writing, and who clearly enjoys telling a good story!