The Portal 2 - Chapter Two

Leo slowly walked up the stairs, emerging from the basement with Bucky,
his faithful Bernese Mountain Dog, by his side. He was still in shock about
what had just happened. They had returned home through the Portal, and it
seemed like only a few minutes had passed here at his home since he had left
even though for them it had been days ago. His mom didn’t even realize that
he had been gone. Nevertheless, the fact that he could still understand what
his dog was saying reassured him that his adventure had indeed happened.
He had traveled through the Portal and met intelligent, doglike creatures
that resembled his furry friend so much that he had named them after him the
“Buckies”. Due to the water on the Planet that they had first visited he was
able to understand any creature in the universe and whoever else drank from
that water would be able to understand him. This had helped him to
communicate easily with his new found friends and those friends now
desperately needed his help. He had left them after they had retreated from
evil droid armies, whose ultimate goals weren’t clear to him or the Buckies
but who had waged war against them for almost a hundred years.
The Buckies’ General and one of his new friends, a dog named Tim, had
explained to him that the Portal system was for them the key of winning the
war. But it was also their greatest weakness as they had lost all the power
crystals they needed to use the Portals. They had waited for someone to
discover a regenerating power source they could use - and the first one who
used such a power source was Leo when he opened the Portal in his
basement on earth.
The only problem for Leo was, he had no idea how he did that.
He shouldn’t even have been in the basement which was turned into his
dad’s lab at home. His dad worked down their sometimes instead of driving to
his office and Leo knew he was not supposed to go in there by himself. He
didn’t want to, but had to get Bucky out, when he ran in there this morning.
Bucky had accidentally activated the oval structure by touching, what he
knew now, was called a Portal stone. This Portal stone opened the Portal
when powered by the mysterious crystals, Tim and the General had explained
to him.
Bucky nudged him from the side with his snout and Leo noticed that he
had been just standing in the hallway thinking about everything that had
happened and not paying much attention to his surroundings. It was about
lunchtime and the rain outside had stopped, sunlight was flooding in through
their door. The door itself was wooden with a big pane of glass in the middle.
Bucky had scratched off the white paint in parts of it. Mom and Dad didn’t
like that but to Leo it was just part of the door and always reminded him of
his friend.
Bucky looked at him, Leo almost thought he was smiling, and said in a low
voice “You have to talk to your Mom and Dad about what happened . You
have to explain to them that we have to go back and help the Buckies.”
“I know, Bucky. But how can I explain it to them in a way it is believable.
I know it really happened because I am able to understand you, but all they
would hear is you growling and barking at me. “
“True, let’s keep that part our secret for now. Maybe you should try your
Dad first, he after all must know something about the Portal Stone - we
found it in his basement.”
Leo though about that for a while and finally agreed, “Ok, Dad should be
back on Friday, maybe I can call him before then and talk to him. Until then,
we won’t talk to anyone about what happened.” “Who are you talking to
Leo?”, his Mom came down from upstairs as Leo turned around in surprise.
She looked at him confused, questioning. “I am just playing with Bucky,
Mom”, Leo said. Bucky was doing a great job at pretending to be his normal
self, not understanding a word of what was spoken. He just walked away and
laid down with a loud thump in front of the white wooden door. Seemingly
enjoying the warmth of the sunlight.
The day went by in a blur. Mom had made Cheese Pizza for lunch, one of
his favourites, but Leo was so caught up in his thoughts that he didn’t even
finish. He wasn’t very hungry. He went upstairs to his room to come up with
a strategy of how to convince his Dad of what had happened. His room used
to be the attic and his parents had made it into a bedroom a couple of years
back when his old room became too small for him. Leo thought it was
probably the nicest room in the whole house. It was big, with slanted walls on
all sides and big, square windows facing south and west letting in plenty of
light. His room got hot in summer and he liked to open the windows all the
way and enjoyed the light breeze. It didn’t have much furniture, just a bed, a
couch and a closet for his clothes. Legos were strewn all over the place, still
his favourite toys. Bucky was not allowed up here so he couldn’t talk to him
about his ideas on how to confront his Dad with what had happened. He
seemed to be very tired from their recent adventure anyway and was still
downstairs, sleeping.
Leo looked around at his Lego models, which had been his imaginary
world until a few days ago. He loved building Lego Star Wars sets, and
played with them alot. Now they seemed outdated, wrong. He had been on
the Buckies spaceship, he actually took part in a space battle and they had
only barely been able to get out of there in one piece. Droids, not very
different in their looks from the droids he used to play with, had attacked
him. Right then he knew that his life would never be the same, he was bound
to his promise to the General to return and help them as much as he could.
He just had to find a way to convince his dad, there was no way around that.
It would be hard to admit that he had done something, he wasn’t supposed to.
His dad trusted him and he didn’t want to disappoint him. But in this case he
knew he had to tell him every small detail.
“Leo, Jeremiah is on the phone!”, his Mom called, interrupting his
thoughts. “Ok, Mom, I’m coming down”. He ran down two flights of stairs to
the kitchen and picked up the phone. “Hi, Jeremiah. I’m sorry, I wanted to
come by earlier but it was raining too much. Do you want to come over?”, a
little bit of distraction would help, Leo thought. He couldn’t do anything until
that evening anyway, when he would call his dad and talk to him. “Sure,”
Jeremiah answered, “can we play PlayStation?” Leo thought about that for a
second, “Love to, but no Star Wars today, ok?”