The Portal 2 - Chapter Nine

Bucky and Leo stared at each other in surprise. Finally Bucky said “That
must be the lost spaceship we have sent here years ago. Do you remember
how the General told us about it? It never came back and we didn’t know
what happened to it.” “Tim must have come this way too, maybe he went
down there to check it out.”, Leo thought out loud, “That would at least
explain why we didn’t find him at the Portal.” They kept watching the droids
for a while trying to figure out what was going on, until Leo turned around
and backed away from the opening. Bucky followed him back into the tunnel.
“We have to go down there and get to the ship. If Tim is not there we
might at least find out what happened to the crew.”, Bucky said. It was at that
moment that Leo jumped behind a heap of boulders pulling Bucky behind
him. “Pssst, there is something moving in the tunnel, I am sure I saw a light.”,
Leo whispered. Bucky laid down, sniffing. They were quite for a while,
staring into the darkness of the tunnel. Leo had time to really take in the
situation for the first time since they had arrived. He worried, if he had done
the right thing. He noticed how cold it was and a shudder went through him,
it wasn’t just cold he was also scared. “There is the light again”, Bucky
growled. “I see it, what should we do?”, Leo said, but to his astonishment his
friend seemed to ignore him, started to wag his tail and got up and ran into
the darkness. “Bucky! Come back, what are you doing?”, Leo yelled. But in
that instant he understood, Bucky was jumping up and down and greeted the
figure that emerged out of the darkness, flashlight in hand. It was his Dad
and Jeremiah.