The Portal 2 - Chapter Ten

“Thank God, we found you!”, his Dad called out, laughing and running
towards him. “This place is amazing, where are we?” he asked Leo, while he
was hugging him, lifting his feet off the floor. “This is the cave planet, at least
that’s what the Buckies call it, Dad”, Leo answered, relieved that his Dad
wasn’t angry with him for following Bucky into the Portal. “We found a way
how to get off the Planet and meet up with the Buckies”, Leo explained to
Jeremiah and his Dad, “There is a Bucky spaceship down there.”, He pointed
towards the end of the tunnel “Possibly its operational, at least we need to
find out if Tim is there and what happened to the crew.” “Then let’s go,”
Jeremiah interrupted excitedly “what are we waiting for?” “Well there is one
little issue”, Bucky said, “there are also about a thousand droids down there,
and we are not sure what they are doing.”