The Portal 2 - Chapter Eleven

The four of them moved forward to the lookout and took a good look at
the droids and their surroundings. Bucky was the first to notice the narrow
path that winded down to the right side of the valley and that passed just
about ten feet below the lookout. “We should be able to climb down without
being seen by the droids, It doesn’t look like there are any guards watching
this area. As soon as we are on the path we just have to keep low, the rocks
and brush will cover us most of the way.” “But what will we do when we
reach the end of the path?”, Jeremiah asked, “It is still at least another
hundred yards or so from there to the spaceship” “Let’s figure that out when
we get there”, came Bucky’s reply. “We have to do something and this seems
to be the best idea”, Leo said, motioned to the edge of the lookout “I’ll go first.
Dad, can you hold on to my arms and lower me down?”
The climb wasn’t too hard for Jeremiah, Leo and his Dad. Only Bucky
had some problems and decided to just jump down, trusting in his friends to
catch him. On the path, they took a short break and checked their situation
once again. The path was rising up behind them past the lookout towards the
rim of the mountains surrounding the valley, and continued downwards from
here to the valley floor along the mountainside. The path itself was narrow,
much too narrow to be build or used by any of the droids. Leo and his Dad
took the lead, moving slowly from cover to cover. Between rocks and bushes
they got glimpses of the valley floor and the droids. Bucky and Jeremiah
brought up the rear, continuously checking behind them to make sure they
weren’t spotted.