The Portal 2 - Chapter Twelve

“Stop!”, Leo whispered back to them. “He pointed towards two droids
moving into their direction.” The droids seemed to follow a pattern, covering
as much ground as possible, almost as if they were looking for something.
Unfortunately that pattern would bring them right up to where Leo was
hiding. He looked ahead but the next cover, a huge pile of rocks, was at least
ten yards away. The droids would see him or at least notice the motion if he
would try to crawl over there. “Dad, we have to go back!” “We can’t, Leo. If
those droids follow that same pattern there is no way we get back far enough
not to be seen.”
Bucky and Jeremiah were crouching behind a couple of bushes, still close
enough to hear them. “Leo,” Bucky called over “we will distract them. You
two keep going, we will follow as soon as we can.” Jeremiah couldn’t
understand Bucky, but knew instinctually what the low growl had meant.
Bucky slowly moved backwards and Jeremiah followed him. Leo watched
the droids coming closer. They were about the size of a grown human. They
weren’t as shiny as the ones he had encountered on the wood planet. These
clearly have been on this planet for a while, they were dusty and had lots of
dents and scratches. Nevertheless they looked terrifying. Their right arm was
something that looked like a big laser gun. Their was no hand, just the gun.
Their left arm was clearly modelled after a human arm. The hand looked like
a metal skeleton, but had only three fingers. Both droids were less than fifty
yards away. Leo could see how their heads were rotating from side to side,
searching the ground around them. Then, in a sudden motion, the lead droid
turned away from them and moved to their left, focusing on where Bucky and
Jeremiah would be if they had moved backwards up the path. Leo saw how
the second droid raised his gun-arm and without warning started firing on the
mountain side.