The Portal 2 - Chapter Five

It took Leo more than an hour to tell the story about his journey through
the Portal. He finally finished “… and that’s why we need to bring the power
source you have invented to the Buckies. We have to go back now, Dad!”
His dad was deep in thought, but Jeremiah jumped up, stared at Leo and
almost screamed “You go to another planet, you talk to dogs, you fly in
spaceships, and tell me nothing about it? Instead you play video games with
me all afternoon, not a single word about the biggest adventure I could have
ever imagined?” “I had to, Jeremiah, I’m sorry, but I had to talk to my dad
His dad looked up, he looked Leo straight in the eyes “I am sorry son, that
you had to go through all of that because of my carelessness. I should have
made sure that the lab is always securely locked. I am so sorry.” For the first
time, Leo felt that his dad was actually worried about what had happened to
him. It was not just an adventure, it was also very dangerous!
“I am ok dad, don’t worry about me.”, was all Leo could say.
“What should we do now?”, Jeremiah asked. “Are we going back?”
“I am sorry Jeremiah”, Leo’s dad answered, “we will not go anywhere!”
“But Dad, we have to. My friends are relying on me. The whole universe is
relying on me.”, Leo was getting upset. He had made his mind up even before
he came back home. He had to go back, but he wanted to go with his dad. “It
is too dangerous, Leo. You shouldn’t have gone the first time and you will not
go now. I will destroy the Portal Stone and end this right now. It is just too
“Dad, we have to help. The Buckies are waiting for us and I have
promised them to come back. I have to keep my promise!”, Leo could barely
speak. Suddenly, Bucky jumped up and ran out of the room, all three of them
watched as he ran into the hallway and vanished down the basement stairs.
“Bucky, come back up here”, Leo called after him. He waited a few seconds
but the only response was a low humming sound and a faint red light coming
from the basement entrance. “He activated the Portal,” Leo called out while
he was already running towards the stairs. His dad and Jeremiah followed
almost immediately behind him. Leo ran as fast as he could, flying down the
stairs, but it was too late. When he entered the lab the Portal was already
activated. Bucky looked at him with sad eyes and whispered in a low voice
which sounded to everyone else but Leo like a growl “Please come with me.
Our friends need our help!”
He stepped forward, the Portal turned green in colour and he was gone.
Leo stood there in shock for just a second until he raced to the Portal and
jumped into the light.