The Portal 2 - Chapter Six

The Portal’s light had changed back to a faint red glow. Jeremiah and Leo’s dad
stared at each other in disbelief. They were too late. Bucky and Leo
were gone. Leo’s dad dashed towards the Portal and checked it from all sides,
he was pretty sure that Bucky touching the Portal stone had activated it but
he had no idea how long it would remain in this active state. He had to make
a decision immediately, and knew there was only one possible outcome.
Panicked he yelled at Jeremiah “Watch the Portal, Jeremiah. If the light or
sound change in any way call me as loud as you can”, and before Jeremiah
could answer he ran back into his office and started to collect papers that
were strewn across his desk.
“I think the light is going off!”, was the next thing he heard from the lab.
He collected some more drawings from the floor and out of the trashcan, ran
back into the lab and stuffed everything as fast as he could into an old
backpack that he had found by his workbench. Jeremiah was right, the light
became less intense, the sound was still there, but the red light was now
almost gone.
“Jeremiah, you stay here and wait for us. If I am correct we should come
back in a few minutes, not longer.”, Jeremiah stared at him, about to say
something to argue but thought better of it. There was nothing to say. His
friend had just stepped out of this universe. He stood right next to the Portal
and stared into the dim light. “I am sorry,” he almost whispered, and stepped
into the light just like Leo and Bucky had done just a few minutes earlier. “Of
course, what did I expect”, Leo’s dad thought to himself when he saw out of
the corner of his eye how Jeremiah vanished. He got the backpack, looked
back one more time and followed him into the oval sphere.
The sensation of free fall and the changing lights made Leo’s dad
immediately feel sick to his stomach. He thought that he probably should
have left some sort of message in his office for his wife. But he was too scared
that the Portal would close before he could get through, and panicked that his
son would be lost without any chance to return home. His thoughts stopped
abruptly as he lost consciousness.