The Portal 2 - Chapter Seven

Leo slowly sat up, his right leg was hurting. He must have hit something
when he came out of the Portal. Bucky was next to him, staring at him. “You
didn’t have to come, Leo.”, He said when he was sure that Leo was able to
hear him. “No, I had to Bucky. You know that as well as I do”, and added
“where are we? It is so dark.” “We are back in the cave where we left Tim.
Your eyes will adjust in a few minutes.”, Replied Bucky. “I don’t see Tim and
I can’t smell him either. But it is hard to say how much time has passed here
since we left. Could be minutes or weeks, I haven’t figured this time shifting
out yet”. “Me neither, Bucky. We could really use my dad to help us with the
science of all of it.”
After a few minutes Leo got up and looked around. It was indeed the cave
that they have left less than 24 hours earlier, at least according to their own
time. He didn’t hear any sounds which was a good sign, the Rock monsters
must have given up. Bucky checked the blocked tunnel to their left to make
sure that nothing would come from that direction and surprise them.
“Let’s go this direction”, he pointed more or less straight ahead into the
darkness, “it seems to be the only way out of here.” “You are right, Leo”,
barked Bucky, “at least I can smell some fresh air coming down that tunnel.
Let’s stick to the wall on the right and see how far we get. Doesn’t help if we
just sit here.”