The Portal 2 - Chapter Eight

Slowly Leo moved along the wall. His leg hurt and he still couldn’t see a
thing. “Bucky, couldn’t you have brought a light of some sort? Did you really
have to race down the stairs without stopping? It’s not like you didn’t know
where we were going.” “I am sorry, Leo. I felt like I had to be fast. We will
manage, as long as we stick to the wall we can always go back to the Portal if
we don’t find anything in the tunnel ahead.”
Progress was slow, but it seemed like there was more light ahead the
farther they moved down the wall. Bucky could smell the fresh air now more
frequently and Leo was sure that visibility increased. After a few hundred
yards there was enough light to see the walls of the tunnel on both sides and
the floor in front of them. The walls were grey, just like they looked by the
Portal. Leo noticed that they were uneven but obviously made by some kind
of machinery. Scratch marks could be seen, and some loose boulders were
laying in orderly heaps alongside the wall on the other side. The tunnel
curved to the right ahead of them and became more narrow. With every step
around the curve the darkness disappeared more and more. Finally Leo was
able to see the end of the tunnel. It was like a balcony, overlooking a vast
valley. Sunlight was streaming in from above. Bucky started to run towards it
but became more cautious when he got closer to the edge. Leo was behind
him but couldn’t keep up with his leg still hurting. As soon as Bucky got close
enough to look down into the valley he stopped abruptly, turned to Leo and
signalled him to stop. Leo got on his knees to crawl over to his friend, when
he reached him one look down in the valley was enough to understand.
The floor was crawling with droids. To his surprise he saw all kinds and
sizes, not just the ones they had encountered on the forest planet. Those were
obviously soldiers, these here were made for work. He saw spider like, huge
transport droids and others that looked like digging machinery. Bucky
pointed excitedly to something in the far distance. Leo needed a moment to
focus and to understand what he saw. At the far side of the valley there was a
Bucky spaceship. It looked like it had been there for a while. There was no
obvious landing pad or spaceport but over there was clearly a medium sized
Bucky ship, that looked like it had touched down gently on an even patch of
ground without any signs of damage.