The perfect book for children

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‘Cave Planet: The Portal’ (Book Two) is special because of one simple reason: Luke Meier, the author, is only 9 years old. If someone who isn’t yet in his teens could craft something like this, then this book must be read to be believed. And I’m happy to report that the book, as far as being an entertaining read for children is concerned, covers all the bases.

In this second book of the Portal Series, the Meiers up the ante: the tension is tightened at the corners, building up toward a climax that’s so hard to resist. If you’ve read any of the Chronicles of Narnia books, then Cave Planet’s plot is something similar along those lines: a portal to another world, or in this case, to another part of the galaxy, found in Leo’s father’s atelier. This time, Leo and his dog Bucky are not alone—they are joined by other friends and loved ones who readily take on the mission to save an entire class of beings on the brink of annihilation—with so much exciting action, at that.

Overall, this is the perfect book for young children—‘Cave Planet: the Portal’ is not only very entertaining, it also effectively teaches young kids about a number of universal values and truths—friendship, loyalty, love, and the courage to do what’s right. I’m hoping the authors turn this into a picture book—I’d love to see all the action in vivid color, and in that way, it also gains a wider audience. For a nine-year-old author, this book is a literary achievement. Get a copy of this book today—or send this as a gift to all the young readers you know. A solid five-star rating for this one.

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